Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

vectorstock_1509745-[Converted]At Xpress Money Solutions, our goal is to provide affordable, quality accounting and tax services to small businesses. From our experience, we realize that many small businesses are unorganized and do not have up-to-date financial records. Our services are geared to help small business owners concentrate on growing their business while allowing us to keep them organized and up-to-

  • Computerized bookkeeping services
  • Business Consultations.
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Business Consultations

Income Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

  • Preparation of Federal and State Income taxes for individuals and businesses
  • Tax planning services to avoid any unexpected surprises in your tax liability and to take the necessary steps to minimize your taxes.

QuickBooks® Consulting Servicestoro-cpa-certified-quickbooks-proadvisor

  • For new users, we will implement the setup of QuickBooks® accounting software. Train you and your staff on the many capabilities and functions of using QuickBooks® as your accounting software.
  • For current QuickBooks® users, we provide one-on-one consultation at your site, via telephone, or through remote access.
    Although QuickBooks® is a user-friendly software, some of the more advance features can be troublesome and confusing. The consultations will allow businesses the opportunity to ask questions and to obtain additional training on features they can benefit from.
  • Some examples of how you can benefit from QuickBooks will be to print checks, process your payroll, reconcile bank accounts, print invoices, and so much more.

Income Solutions to your small business needs:

Although there are many types of small businesses, they all share the same commonalities like the need to increase profits, minimize taxes, and the ability to grow their business in order to survive. The majority of small businesses fail within the first five years due to the inability to do any of the above.

Many of them seek the expertise of an accountant only to prepare their taxes at the end of the year or when they have a crisis.

The disadvantage of that is the following:

  • The inability to make sound business decisions throughout the year because their financial records are not up-to-date.
  • The increased cost in taxes due to not selecting the appropriate business structure for tax purposes or for not pursuing end-of-year tax planning to minimize their taxes.
  • The failure of a business to obtain loans for capital improvements because of the lack of or non-existence of good financial records.

These are some examples of the disadvantages some small businesses find themselves in because they do not seek the expertise of an accountant.

Do not allow your business to be at a disadvantage, contact the professionals at Ramos Accounting and Tax Services, Inc. to discuss how our services will benefit your business needs.

Top 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

  1. Bad Planning - No Planning
  2. Inadequate capital.
  3. Lack of focus, lack of commitment.
  4. Lack of experience.
  5. Poor records and useless financial reports.
  6. Revenue problems - failure to identify a narrow customer base.
  7. Too much capital tied up in equipment and inventory.
  8. Failure to delegate, ignoring need for leadership and direction.
  9. Location, location, location. Accessible to target market.
  10. Failure to communicate with accountant, banker or mentors until failure is certain.